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Bloxham School Confidence and Communication Workshop

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Belinda delivered a Confidence and Communication workshop to pupils at Bloxham School prior to a dinner students attended.

Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas Magazine cover

The money debate: Is it ever okay to ask for cash? Belinda featured in an article for Wedding Ideas magazine about the etiquette of money at weddings.

The One Show on BBC

One Show

Belinda featured in an episode of the One Show on BBC television.

Living North Magazine: Wedding Advice for the Best Man

Living North image

Belinda featured in an article in Living North Magazine.

Barnard Castle School LV1th Dinner, Communication and Confidence for Interview Technique


The culmination of 3 evening workshops in February, attended by Governors and Guests.

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Report from the Barney Bulletin

"Over the past 3 weeks, some of the Lower Sixth have had the opportunity to take part in a Communication Skills and Etiquette course. Despite being apprehensive at first, we found it very rewarding by the end.

Before half term we had lessons from Belinda Alexander, who runs social courses for Sixth Formers across the region. The first session involved learning about a variety of key skills such as communication skills, body language and eye contact. We also learned how to sit, stand, and enter a room correctly which will be incredibly useful when making the right first impression for in an interview.

The second session involved etiquette and manners at a dinner and how to eat unusual foods in the correct way. It also expanded on conversational techniques and some of us had to deliver a small presentation on the spot. Again, these skills are becoming analysed more thoroughly for companies, so this part of the course was again incredibly beneficial.

We also practised introductions and interview techniques. The final session was a brief reminder of how to act at a dinner, before taking part in a dinner party put on by the school. We were responsible for greeting guests, pouring and topping up drinks and handing out canap├ęs and making conversation with governors and other guests. Once in the Dining Hall, we were all seated next to a different guest for each course and put the skills we had learnt in place to make polite conversation. The food was excellent and a huge thank you must go to the catering staff. It was a fun evening and despite some being nervous beforehand, everyone enjoyed the event."

Educating Essex: etiquette lessons for Joey Essex

Screenshot from Educating Essex

Belinda featured in an episode of Educating Essex, working with Joey on the social skills needed if he met the Queen before her 90th birthday. He was really kind, fun and thoughtful.

meeting and greeting meeting and greeting

Teaching Joey about 'Meeting and Greeting'

walking deportment

Mind your manners: Teenage etiquette lessons

Belinda featured in an article in the Express.

Kirkby High School, Liverpool

at Kirkby High School

Belinda with Headteacher Mr Leyland and pupils at Kirkby High School. Headteacher Bill Leyland is on a mission to broaden horizons amongst his students and called in to see students responding well in workshops on Social Skills and Communication.

St Margarets House, Ampleforth - January 2015

Belinda at work

Girls and Boys at the two workshops with Belinda Alexander -topics included Interview Technique and Confidence and Social Skills.

Barnard Castle School - February 2015

Barnard Castle School

Belinda with some of the V1th form pupils at Barnard Castle who attended 3 workshops on Interview Technique and Social Skills culminating with a candlelit dinner to enable pupils to show off their conversational & communication skills to parents and Heads from both the prep and main School. This has become an annual event with names down for Feb 2016.

Dear Belinda
Thanks for your the enclosed letter and all the 3 sessions. I have learnt so much and I am sure that it will be useful for me in future.
Best wishes

Northern Echo - Mentor of Modern Manners

Article from the Northern Echo, May 2013, Mentor of Modern Manners

The Bowes Museum Pageant of Dress

View pictures of the models, courtesy of Calico Images

January 2011 - Downe House

Downe House

It was great to be back again this year at Downe House who book me for much of the weekend to deliver courses to girls from each of the houses.

May I take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with all the thank you letters I received from Tedworth, AGN to mention a few!

It really was rewarding for me and I do appreciate it. As I said in my talks, it is important to thank or respond to people, and Good Manners cost little!

Eggleston Hall

I am due back to Eggleston Hall; they hold daily or weekly courses for mature students, school leavers, and job returners, or simply people who feel they need to learn more about social skills. This could be 'What to expect at Interview' or at a banquet with Royalty. With the help of Jill Harbord, its cosy and informal - if you wish to know more please email me.

The Bowes Museum Pageant of Dress

I have been asked to train girls to model in the 'Pageant of Dress' at The Bowes Museum; this has provided girls with an opportunity to be closely involved with textiles, art and design and to show garments throughout the ages.

Some will 'model' the clothes, some will dress, and others will help with collating a running order, from 18th century through to Laura Ashley's first dress! I have 15 girls from Barnard Castle School who are so enthusiastic about their role in this exciting event, I am sure their posture will improve without having to mention 'shoulders back' or 'keep your head up and look people in the eye'!

posterOctober 2010 - St Mary's Calne

I am delivering a series of sessions on etiquette to St Mary's Calne School, including material on conversation, interview technique, grooming, personal health, courtesy and good manners.

August 2010 - Upstairs Downstairs

A recent assignment involved travelling to Wales to advise debutantes on curtseying and deportment during the filming of 'Upstairs Downstairs'.

Dear Belinda,
With your knowledge of deportment, please would you be able to come to Wales and advise the debutantes on Upstairs Downstairs?
Best wishes
Sam Baker
Production Manager
BBC - Upstairs Downstairs