Belinda Alexander - Developing Self-Confidence and Social Skills

Bloxham School - 2017

Bloxham dinner Dear Belinda, Thank you very much for your support this week and the dinner last night was a delightful evening. The students made a real effort with their dress and with each other, so that our guests all commented how much they had enjoyed the evening. Adrienne was especially pleased to see the students putting your training into action, looking after her by pouring drinks, by clearing plates and especially in their conversations...

It was a great success and your training really helped.

Shrewsbury School - 2017

Shrewsbury SchoolBelinda’s interactive session for international students was wonderfully presented. Our pupils picked up clear tips and advice on making a great first impression with host families before Exeat. With Belinda’s help our international pupils have developed greater social confidence that will propel them through the integration programme and the rest of the school year. Thank you!

Shrewsbury 2

Moreton Hall, August 2016

Moreton Hall

C R Butler - Head of VIth, Barnard Castle (March 2015)

Thanks again for putting on the course again this year. It was as excellent as ever and the informal feedback from the students has been thoroughly positive. I’ll look forward again to next year.

Josie Campbell - Head of Careers, Ampleforth (March 2015)

AmpleforthThank you, Belinda, for your four fantastic masterclasses on 'Making a Positive Impression' for our Yr10 Careers Day last week. Your larger-than-life character, and the fact that you obviously have oodles of experience in this area, had the students buzzing afterwards. They have asked me to invite you back next year (when they are in year 11) as they have now grasped the importance of soft skills - so keep the date free!

Miss Sophie May - Ampleforth

I am so glad I attended one of Belinda's Interview Technique Courses, it was extremely informative and I have managed to get a placement at Warners Brothers which is so great. Her course gave me confidence and I am so delighted at the outcome.

Housemaster - Shrewsbury School

Thank you very much indeed for a wonderful afternoon of interview confidence building training.

The feedback from boys and girls was excellent and they all felt it was an hour well spent. If it makes the difference to just one pupil it is all worth it, but I am sure they will have all benefitted.

I would like to book in for the same time next year with University candidates and I have also passed your details onto colleagues for sessions with other groups.

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Wellington CollegeWellington College

Housemistress - Queen Margaret's School

Thank you for the excellent session on Sunday. All of the girls really enjoyed themselves and are practising some of the skills they learnt already.

On Saturday 5th May we have an evening when 30 Year III girls will be in school and would like the opportunity to have a make up session and appropriate dress for everyday, occasional, interview etc. session.

Art of conversation, role play, and the introducing of themselves to others.

Headteacher - St James Senior Girls' School, London


Many thanks for the superb work you did with the girls this week.

It is wonderful to see you engage with them, teaching them so sensitively and skillfully. I know that they are hugely appreciative of the education you offer them and, as I have no doubt said before, it is unique: they will probably never receive such an opportunity again in their lives. I know that they recognise just how important these social skills are and that acquaintance with them engenders such welcome confidence.


Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Although some of us were slightly pessimistic about the catwalk, you created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, which made it easy for us to enjoy the experience. We all enjoyed dressing up, wearing completely wacky make-up and messing up our hair ... especially our group! It was extremely interesting to learn about interview technique, and will come to be very useful in later life. I think we can also all say that your advice about make-up was very interesting and useful.
I know you must have worked very hard to get everything ready and organised for us, so thank you very very much.

Housemistress - Downe House


Thank you so much for the wonderful presentations you gave to our Downe House girls recently.
The information was relevant, pitched at the right level and pace and will be extremely useful to us all. I learned a great deal!
Looking forward to seeing you again soon and to this annual event.

Thank you card