Topics and Skills

Study Day
Belinda at Downe House School

Topics and Skills

The following units can be covered in individual sessions or as a programme over a number of weeks or terms.

Personal Style

A series of demonstrations and interactive sessions with plenty of discussions and experimenting. Also appropriate for 12+ pupils. Most young people go through a 'self conscious' stage, they need to develop their own attractive personal style. Belinda helps with identifying the colours that suit them. The session includes a comprehensive make up demonstration with a strong emphasis on skin care, how to maintain healthy skin and hair. There is an inter-active talk on health, hygiene and how to make the best of ourselves either socially or later in the workplace.

meet and greet
Meeting and greeting

Body language

This session includes 'role play'. Entering a room for interview or formal occasion, using and maintaining eye contact. How to sit and stand confidentally and a give a short presentation. We also discuss appropriate dress and the do's and don't for Interview.

Conversation skills

working together
Girls from Downe House School working together and learning how to answer a formal invitation.

More Role Play here - How to introduce people, how to start a conversation, more importantly ideas on how to keep it going! Telephone etiquette, both mobile and land-line. Listening skills - concentrate on what other people have to say!

Formal occasions

These sessions can make use of school facilities and be linked to school occasions (e.g. Summer Balls, Speech Days etc.). With less time for a family dinner, many pupils like to learn how to set a table formally - how to send and reply to an invitation, the conversation comes in to play here, this session goes well with a Home Economics/Cookery session.



Deportment is how other people perceive you' How to walk well is vital to your health, your spine, your breathing and digestion. Walking 'tall' also gives off a huge amount of confidence - this 40 minute session is vital!!

presence and confidence
Presence and confidence after working with Belinda

A Flexible Programme

Most of these sessions can be delivered to small or larger groups and topics can be flexibly combined to suit the age and needs of the pupils and the time schools have available.

PSHE Sessions

Several of the topics could complement PSHE programmes or be linked to preparation for formal events in the school calendar.

Boarders' Activities

Boarding House staff may wish to offer these sessions as part of a programme of evening or weekend activities, perhaps on a Friday or a Sunday.

Extra Curricular Activity

For day pupils, sessions could be fitted into a lunch time or after school activity.